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Wax Melts

Wax Melts

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Fragrance Notes

Baja Blossom- citrus, floral, woody
Beach Bum- citrus, sea salt, violet
Cedarwood Blanc- bergamot, oakmoss, cedar
Chanel Bleu- bergamot, musk, jasmine
Hawaiian Sunset- plumeria & vanilla
Jamaica Me Mango- mango, coconut, orange
Pineapple Sage- pineapple, anise, sage
Retreat- lavender, amber,woody
Serenity- frankincense & oud
Southern Brew- jasmine & musk
Southern Charm- leather, vanilla, bergamot
Springtime Allure- red currant & magnolia
Sweet Tobacco-earthy, woody, sweet
White Linen- cotton blossom & violet
Wildflowers- floral, woody, sweet

Add 1-3 cubes to electric or tealight wax warmer

2.75 oz/78 g net weight

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