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Car Fume

Car Fume

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Enjoy the same great Reed Diffuser scents in your car with Car Fume.

Fragrance Notes
Beach Bum- citrus, sea salt, violet
Berry Sweet- raspberry, sugar, vanilla
Cedarwood Blanc- bergamot, oakmoss, cedar
Chanel Bleu- bergamot, musk, jasmine
Grapefruit Martini- mandarin, grapefruit, vanilla
Hawaiian Sunset- plumeria, floral, vanilla
Jamaica Me Mango- mango, coconut milk, orange
Pineapple Sage- pineapple, anise, sage
White Linen- linen, cotton blossom, violet


Unscrew wooden top, remove clear stopper, screw wooden top onto bottle. Tilt bottle until fragrance releases into wooden top. Hang Car Fume from rear view mirror or place anywhere in car. Tilt bottle to distribute fragrance as needed.