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Reed Diffuser

Reed Diffuser

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8 reeds included 

Fragrance Notes
Baja Blossom- citrus, floral, woody
Beach Bum- citrus, sea salt, violet
Berry Sweet- raspberry, sugar, vanilla
Cedarwood Blanc- bergamot, oakmoss, cedar
Chanel Bleu- bergamot, musk, jasmine
Grapefruit Martini- mandarin, grapefruit, vanilla
Hawaiian Sunset- plumeria, floral, vanilla
Jamaica Me Mango- mango, coconut milk, orange
Midnight Stroll- sea salt, plum, amber
Pineapple Sage- pineapple, anise, sage
Retreat- lavender, amber, woody
Southern Brew- jasmine & musk
Southern Charm- leather, vanilla, bergamot
Springtime Allure- red currant & magnolia
Sweet Tobacco- earthy, woody, sweet
White Linen- linen, cotton blossom, violet
Wildflowers- floral, woody, sweet

Untwist collar and carefully remove clear stopper. Twist collar back onto bottle then place 6-8 reeds into diffuser bottle. For stronger fragrance use all 8 reeds. Flip reeds once a week to maximize fragrance.
Diffusers can last up to a year. 

4 fl oz 118 ml

Keep away from heat/sparks/open flames/hot surfaces